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In a thin slice of the photography spectrum, somewhere beyond gear whore and scrabbling at the door of the professional and fine arts photographer, nestles the lair of the semi-professional photographer. We are an abundant species as it turns out. My particular niche has a sign over the door that says craggy middle-aged man.


Inside there are cameras on the shelves, lenses and filters competing for space on every available surface and if you look a little harder a hundred ideas clammering for air. Irreverence is a recurrent theme down here and we have the lair regularly sprayed against any viral seriousness.


Photography here is about creativity, colour, movement, energy and memories. It's all about recording the emotions and often less about photographic realism. Then there's the product and book work - which absolutely is about technical realism. And if there's a speciality it'll be those sailing shots which now top thirty thousand images from over a hundred events.

If you've arrived here looking for event images please dive over to the galleries. Who knows, maybe you can stay a while. And if you'd like to get in touch just pop over to the contact page and drop me a line. I'm based in the Cotswolds.

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